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Mill Valley, CA Diamond Logos Group

The Mill Valley Diamond Logos Group meets Friday evenings and all day Saturday and Sunday throughout the year.  This group is led by local Diamond Logos teachers and Faisal.

2017 dates: February 3 (Meeting with Faisal); March 4 & 5; July 15 & 16; October 20, 21 & 22
Location: Friday nights at Faisal’s workroom; Saturday and Sunday at the MVPCA clubhouse in Mill Valley.

For more information, contact Diamond Logos Teachers.


Rochester, NY Group

Exploring Essential Power, Peace and Intimacy: Black Essence with Mahdiah Esther Jacobs Kahn

April 7-9, 2017

The Diamond Logos Work explores Being through understanding the different dimensions of the One and the barriers that keep us from opening those essential states that are our True Being. Using presence, inquiry, breath and sound we will open to becoming the Essential Being that we are meant to be.

Black essence is an exciting and challenging dimension of our essential self. It opens us to exploring the power of the universe as it flows through each of us. It takes us to an essential state of peace the the Sufi’s call “the peace that surpasseth understanding” and invites us to understand and expand our relationship to intimacy and ultimately to an intimacy with the Divine Being.

Mahdiah Esther Jacobs Kahn, LCSW is a senior teacher in the Diamond Logos work. She is an experienced therapist who received her MSW from New York University in 1966. She is also a senior teacher in the Inayati Order of Sufism. Her work focuses on issues of  inner transformation.

Friday, April7 from 7-9PM
Saturday, April 8 from 10AM-5:30PM
Sunday April9, from 10AM-4PM

Cost: $225 prior to March 20 and $300 thereafter. There is a $35 cancellation charge.

To register: Send a check made out to Esther Jacobs Kahn to Ellen Hoffman, 10 Thad Chapin St., Canandaigua, NY 14424

For further information, contact Susan Rupp at (585) 747-0132 or email susansrupp@gmail.com.