Annemie Flamez 175x233Annemie Flamez
Senior teacher

Annemie has been exploring the personal and transpersonal field for over more than 30 years. She is trained in a wide scale of social science, human development systems and psychotherapy such as quantum psychology, the mysteryschool, solution focused therapy, system therapy, hypnotherapy, NLP, contextual therapy, focussing and more.  In the Buddhist field she studied with Ven. Penor Rinpoche, Sogyal Rinpoche, Thich Nath Hanh, Pema Dorjee and others. Her work with Faisal and diamondlogos has been a path of discovery, fulfillment, work, abundance and mystery. She is a teacher and supervisor in Belgium at private and public schools. In her open group formation she is incorporating psychology, spiritual practice and Essence work.

Douwe Nutterts175x219Douwe Nutterts

Douwe Nutterts was born in the Netherlands in 1958. He has worked in the field of human development and psycho-spiritual work for the last 25 years.
He trained in NLP, Eriksonian hypnosis, systemic family therapy, brief therapy and many of the humanistic oriented therapies. He now lives and works in Belgium where he is the director of the Institute of Human Development a training institute specialized in psycho- spiritual oriented work.
In 2003 he became a student of Faisal Muqqadam and he started to participate in Faisal’s teachers training in 2004 and was asked in 2008 to become a Diamond Logos Teacher by Faisal.  He studied for 3 years with Sandra Maitri and was a student for 6 years of the Ridhwan school in Colorado.  He is also a Buddhist practitioner and he studied with Kyabje Penor Rinpoche, Sogyal Rinpoche, Jigme Rinpoche, Thich Nhat Hanh and he is a student of the Shambhala tradition.
He currently offers training in psycho-spiritual work at his own institute, individual Essence based sessions and together with Annemie Flamez he has started to teach the Diamond Logos work in Belgium.