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Faisal Muqaddam is the originator of the Diamond Logos Teachings and the co-originator and co-developer (with A.H. Almaas) of the “Diamond Approach” to liberation.  A psycho-spiritual teacher, Faisal began his spiritual journey in 1968 and started teaching in 1973.  Since then, he has taught and guided students in group retreats, public talks and private sessions for more than 40 years in the Middle East, US and Europe.

Born in Kuwait in 1946, Faisal trained as a Reichan Therapist with Dr. Phillip Curcuruto. He has also studied different systems of growth with esteemed teachers such as Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche, Dr. Claudio Naranjo and Middle Eastern sufi teachers.  Currently he is practicing and teaching in California and Europe.


CV of Spiritual Work
1969-73  Bio-energetics and Gestalt work with Dr. Earl Crammer.

1970-73  Studies with Dr. Claudio Naranjo in his SAT Groups, including Sufism, Buddhism, Psychology and the Enneagram.
Different group work such as dream work, gestalt, psychodrama and Aikido.

1972-73  The Fischer-Hoffman process.

1973  Began teaching in the Middle East (Kuwait).

1974-79  Meetings and studies with different Sufi teachers in the Middle East and Vipassana with Dhiravamsa.

1976  Crowning of the first stage of the work by realizing the absolute nature of Buddhahood through the grace and guidance of my friend Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche.

1979-83  Training with Dr. Philip Curcuruto in Reichian Therapy in association with the International College in L.A., California.

1980  Began teaching in the US (California, Colorado, Hawaii).

1979-86  Intensive and in depth friendship and work, exploration and formulation of the Diamond Approach with A.H Almaas.  Formation of Ridhwan School.  Assumed the role of the vice-president and became chairman of the Ridhwan Foundation for a period of time.

1996   Began teaching in Europe (Italy, Germany, Denmark and Holland).

1987-present   Continuing the development of the Diamond Logos by integrating the Enneagram with Essence and in-depth psychology.

1979-present   Practicing the work and teaching in California and Europe, with emphasis on training teachers in the Diamond Logos work.