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Who is teaching the Diamond Logos Teachings?
Only the teachers listed on this website are approved to teach the DL work. There are a few others who are claiming to teach the work but have not completed their training and have not been certified by Faisal to teach. Those people are not teaching exactly the Diamond Logos work but their understanding – or their lack of understanding, of it. Faisal does not consider what they are doing appropriate and warns students of possible harm coming from it. Students need to be aware and informed as Faisal does not take responsibility for the consequences of the work of those teachers. Some of the work involves very difficult passages that require specific training that those claiming to be teachers have not received.

How does the Diamond Logos Teaching differ from the Ridhwan School?
Listen to this audio to hear Faisal himself explain some of the differences between his and Hameed’s approach to the Diamond Work.
He talks about two main differences:
– His own emphasis on the experiential sense and feeling of a particular quality of essence. This experience of essence will bring up the issues naturally. It’s good to address them but according to Faisal it’s not necessary to elaborate on them too much. While in the Ridhwan school the issues form a great deal of the teachings rather than getting to the experience itself and it dictates the nature and depth of the issues.
– Although understanding has a strong place in his teaching, his approach connects more to our personal hearts than to our minds: “the finality of the teaching descends in the heart”.
– Faisal emphasizes the unique logos of the individual and its unique unfoldment.
Also, Faisal is known for strong transmissions of essential qualities, states and vehicles.

What are the similarities between the Diamond Logos Teachings and the Ridhwan School?
Since Almaas and Faisal worked closely together at the beginning of the formulation of the Diamond Approach, there are many similarities. The psychological understanding of the connection between essence and our personality, the use of inquiry and meditation, the precision of understanding and the open-endedness of the whole process.

What are the future plans of the Diamond Logos Teachings?
Faisal is continuing teaching to the existing groups. The development of the teaching of course never stops, Faisal is still receiving inspiration and evolving the teachings.
Since Faisal invites students to express his teachings in their unique personal way the development of the work might have some surprises in store for us.

Can I order any audio recordings of retreats with Faisal?
It is only possible to order mp3 audio cd’s from the group you participated in. For further questions, email info@diamondlogos.com.