The Netherlands

Vedanta Aspioti
Senior teacher

Born in Athens in 1965,she studied architecture, design and modern art in Greece and at the Sorbonne in Paris. She has been working in the field of channeling and therapy for the last 27 years. Creator of the Power of Light-Training for channeling,energy work and intuition. Also trained as a primal therapist, in bodynamics, couple work, etc. She has been in training with Faisal since 1997, and is a senior teacher.  She has been offering the Diamond Logos work in Greece and Germany. Currently she is living in Greece where she is working as a therapist and teacher, bringing the dimension of Essence in to the world of therapy and channeling. Disciple of Osho since 1987 and mother of a beautiful daughter since 2003.


Ko Bakker

Ko is a developmental psychologist. He has been working since 1983 as a body therapist, trainer, teacher and coach.  As therapist, he is trained in Biodynamic therapy, Unitive therapy, focussing, EMDR and Somatic Experience.  In the budddhist field, he studied with Choqyam Trungpa and  Sogyal Rinpoche.  In the healing area, he was trained by Bob Moore.  Since 2003, he has been in training with Faisal and the Diamond Logos Work is his central orientation.  His style of teaching is warm and attuned.


Hassan Elkadi

His greatest passion lies in life itself, in understanding it and in discovering the essence. Discovering the essence in oneself and the other is what nourishes and fills him. To give more form to this, he has successfully trained and developed himself as awareness trainer and teacher. In 2010 he completed the awareness trainer course and he has been a student at Diamond Logos ever since. Since 2016 he is also a Diamond Logos teacher.

He has experienced from his own personal growth that human potential is more limitless and capable of than he ever dared to dream. His own development is the factual basis for his work as a teacher and trainer and the theory supports him in this.

Respect, commitment, integrity and equality are core values ​​in his teaching and guidance. His style is characterized by clarity, attention, friendliness, lightness and a lot of warmth.