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Originated by Faisal Muqaddam, the Diamond Logos Teachings is a systematic process of reclaiming our true self and finding our position in life and the glorious kingdom we live in.  Through this teaching, we learn to recognize and embody our precious nature and its many manifestations.  We live in a very precious, rich reality, and we are very beautiful magical beings but we know neither who we are nor the kingdom we live in.  We are in a form of sleep, living through concepts and belief systems that do not allow us to perceive who we really are.  This work is about removing these veils and barriers and transforming our consciousness so we can recover and integrate our true essence and experience the richness of who we are and the kingdom that we are in.

How the Diamond Logos Teachings came about

The Verse of Light is the jewel of my heart in this whole journey.  In 1977, this verse came into my heart and its meaning began to be revealed to me.  The initial revelations became the spine and heart of the unfoldment of the Diamond Approach.  After I left to form the Diamond Logos Academy, the meaning and intricacies of this verse continued to be downloaded, guiding the development and evolution of the Diamond Logos Teachings.  After 37 years, I feel the picture is revealed.  The Verse of Light is an exposition of who we are, it is a description of the human being.  Allah is the human with all the glory that we are from the alpha to the omega.  It was also further revealed to me that the knowledge in the Verse of Light was encoded as a mandala and preserved in the Persian rug design, depicted below.

~ Faisal Muqaddam

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VerseofLight - English&Arabic

Click here to listen to the recitation of Verse of Light by Faisal

To know more about the Verse of Light and the Persian rug, please listen to Faisal’s talk on Conscious TV, “The Glory of the Human Being”.  To read the transcript, please click here.

Recent talks and interviews with Faisal are posted on Diamond Logos Teachings Youtube channel.