Henning Daverne – Teacher

a former professional martial arts master and Scandinavian chief instructor of SWTO, trained enthusiasts and special forces in close combat for two decades. Today, he is a leading Danish expert in mindfulness for business, assisting leaders and employees in finding fulfillment, expanding mental capacity, and reducing stress through talks, books, and leadership programs.

Henning is a prolific author with seven books on spirituality, personal development, meditation, and spiritual values in business. He has studied under esteemed masters in India and China for 25 years, including being a senior disciple of “Sri Mahant Ramasray Dass Maharaj” and a master of Daoist Warrior Neigong.

Since 2001, Henning has integrated Eastern spirituality and Western psychology through Diamond Logos Teaching, becoming a student of Faisal Muqqadam and a Diamond Logos Teacher in 2005.


Henrik Rud Pedersen – Teacher

Born in Copenhagen 1964. He is a Master of Science from Roskilde University Denmark. Henrik has been working as a business consultant and leader since 1993. Henrik is an integral psychotherapist. He is trained in therapeutic methodologies and psychological understanding from 7 perspectives. This include Behavioral, Cognitive, Interpersonal, Psychodynamic, Existential, Humanistic and Transpersonal. He has also been in training with Neel Fasting deepening his understanding of love and sexuality. Since 2003, he has been in training with Faisal and the Diamond Logos Work. Today his work with clients is deeply rooted in the Diamond Logos approach.