ChandelierDiamond Logos work is now taught in fifteen countries spread out over five continents.  And the Diamond Logos community continues to grow.  For information about individual teachers and their contact information, please look in the individual country tabs under the Teachers tab.  Please contact the teachers directly for information on programs offered in their respective countries.


Message from Faisal

Only the teachers listed on this website are approved to teach the Diamond Logos work. There are a few others who claim to teach the work but have not completed their training and have not been certified by Faisal to teach.  Those teachers are not teaching exactly the Diamond Logos work but their understanding, or lack of understanding, of it.  Faisal does not consider what they are doing appropriate and warns students of possible harm coming from it.  Students need to be aware and informed as Faisal does not take responsibility for the work of those teachers.  Some of the Diamond Logos work involves difficult passages requiring specific training that those teachers have not received.