Floriane Usener 175x209Floriane Usener
Senior teacher
Healing practitioner. She is trained in Traumatherapie, Gestalt-Arttherapie, Breaththerapie as well as in eastern and western Meditation Methods. For the past 30 years she has been working in clinical institutions and in her own practice. Since 1997 she is in Training with Faisal and the DiamondLogos Teachings have become the main focus of her work. As a Senior Teacher she is now practicing in Munich and is leading retreats in Germany.


Najma Neuhoff 175x205Najma Neuhoff
Senior teacher

Najma Neuhoff is working since 1988 as body therapist and since 1998 as body-oriented psychotherapist in her own praxis in Berlin. After a study of psychology, she turned in 1984 towards body-oriented therapy and meditation. Since then she has been trained intensively in different methods of bodywork, human growth oriented psychotherapy and meditation. She is an recognized craniosacral therapist, as well as an acknowledged and experienced trauma therapist with an emphasis on developmental trauma. She is in the work with Faisal since 2004. Her focus since then is the integration of resource-oriented trauma therapie and the Diamond Logos Teachings. In her work now, she understands Essence as the deepest resource available.


Rani Willems 175x232Rani Willems
Senior teacher

Rani has worked since 1980 in the field of therapy, meditation and transformation.  She trained in various forms of bodywork and ways of Transpersonal Psychology.  Both Indian Mystics, Osho and Ammachi, have deeply influenced her and her work .  She lived in India for 17 years, working and meditating and has been sharing her work worldwide.  In 2006 she met Faisal Muqaddam and found in the Diamond Logos Teaching all the missing links for integration between the soul and the personality.  Since then the Diamond Logos Teaching is at the heart of all her work.  Her approach is simple, clear and loving.


Kamadevi M. S. Scheuffele

Kamadevi  is a health practitioner DGAM and freelance Artist in Painting and Performance. Since 2001 she is in the Diamond Logos work, trained by Faisal since 2002 and  in the Senior Teacher Training with Faisal since 2004. Her speciality is in Centering Work for adults and children. Finished her 3 year apprentischip as a retail sales woman in 1989. She attended  the Acting School „Spielstatt”, Ulm Germany 1989-1992. Since 1986 she started her spiritual journey with the Mystic Osho. Beginning in 1987, she trained, lived and worked in Esalen Institute, California as well as in Osho Miasto, Italy, Osho Uta in Cologne and Osho Multiversity, Pune India, where she learned  several Body-and Energy works, Gestalt Therapy, Dream Gestalt Therapy, Biodrama, Psychodrama, Expression Painting, Classical & Modern Painting, Acting,  Dance, Shaman-, Sufi,- Zen traditions and different  psychological approaches. She taught 2 years at the Osho Ko Susan School, England: Visual Art, Expressive Arts, Drama, Dance, German, Sport and Meditation. Since 1994 she has facilitated individual sessions,  groups and trainings in India, Italy and Germany. Since 2000 she opened  her own Center and Praxis in Ulm, Germany. She is founder of Divine Alignment by Ma Prem Kamadevi ®


Kirsten Tofahrn (Yoko) Teacher

Art-Therapist, Healing Practitioner for Psychotherapy and Mindfulness Teacher, she is the founder of the Mindfulness Center in Cologne, Germany. She is trained in different therapeutic methods and mindfulness based interventions (MBSR/MBCT/MSC).  She runs meditation groups on a regular basis and develops workshops. Personally and professionally she has always been intrigued by the combination of spirituality and psychology. For her, the Diamond Logos Path is the most complete and exquisite synthesis of these perspectives. Since 2010, she has been on the Diamond Logos Path and started her training to be a Diamond Logos Teacher with Floriane Usener and Faisal Muqaddam in 2015. She is integrating the Diamond Logos teachings in her individual sessions, workshops and talks.