Introduction to the Diamond Logos™ Teachings

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Diamond has the capacity of precision and accuracy
Logos is the word, the original word, which brings expression and articulation
Teachings refers to the understanding of psychological patterns blocking our ability to reconnect with essence

These teachings are the divine articulation manifesting in the domain of the diamond, making the teachings communicable in a worldly sense. Much of the spiritual journey has not been communicated.  The Diamond Logos articulates the guidance and grace of the mystery of existence… to be known, seen and felt.

The Diamond Logos is a specific process of reclaiming one’s ‘true self’, our ‘Being’. Through this teaching, we learn to recognize and embody our precious nature and its many manifestations as we consciously cultivate the skills needed to differentiate between our false personality, ego-identity and essential nature (true self).

We live in a very precious, rich reality, and we are very beautiful magical beings, but we know neither who we are nor the kingdom we live in. We are in a form of sleep living through concepts and belief systems that do not allow us to perceive who we are and the reality we live in.

This work is about gently removing those veils and barriers, to experience the richness of what we are and contact the kingdom that we are in. The more we discover that, the more we can live a life that goes with reality rather than one that clashes with it.

That’s the main salvation for humanity, to be out of the domain of suffering. Our suffering is because we have lost the way to who we are and to this reality. The work is offering a healing for an ailment that we have. In presence, the various states and substances of our essential nature – essence – provide doorways of insight to and resolution for our unconscious patterns and limited belief systems that separate us from our wholeness. By embracing truth without prejudice we are in alignment with the ‘whole’ and thus become benefactors of the abundant beauty and richness the universe (uni-verse/the logos) has to offer.

This work evokes the capacity in all of us for objectivity, the seeking of truth and understanding, and for opening up to the spirit of guidance within. By retrieving our objective consciousness, it enables us to cultivate understanding, clarity, guidance and capacities of integration and compassion for ourselves and others.

It is based on objective consciousness, which means allowing everything to happen without being so much involved or identified with it. In the beginning the student cannot help but identify with everything that there is. It is good in the beginning to feel and identify to have some sense of self and some sense of activation, but it can get one trapped in identifying with what ever is there. By time when a student starts to enter the Diamond Logos teachings, a higher consciousness starts to develop, which is strong and expansive enough to allow the emotions to be there without them being the most important thing. The physical sensations can be there, so many elements can open up within that precise, accurate and integrative consciousness. Sometimes expression is needed, but sometimes it is just about letting it unfold, witnessing whatever is there without interfering.

Often during the processing of issues, what opens up is an emptiness or ‘hole’, which when fully experienced, is filled with an essential state – which brings about resolution, via a precise map of understanding.

As for the methodology, we use various techniques. We use ancient & modern techniques, such as meditation, yoga, chanting, zikr, sufi, buddhist and different types of body work. The methodology varies with different teachers.  Some teachers have more skills in body work, some in psychological work, so the skills are the gift of each individual. Some people can work with the body, which miraculously can unlock essence. Others talk and the same thing happens.  There are so many schools, and they are all valid, but many stop short of descending into the essential domain, and they don’t know the essential map.

This work brought in the essential map, showing the topography of the soul, of essence and it can be understood and experienced.  The work is about experiential understanding. The techniques are infinite.  We do the work in private settings, in group settings, in a safe environment so that the person feels safe to experience their essence, and then they can take it to the world slowly.

Our contribution to the world is to bring consciousness, conscious people into the world to help transform the confusion that is happening here. Like any spiritual work, bringing enlightenment to the world and living it.  This path is about Enlightenment, not only realizing enlightenment, but also actualizing it, which is the difficult part. Realizing enlightenment is much easier than actualizing it.

My understanding is that there are three domains. The most mentioned ones are the worldly domain (where the personality and the ego exist) and the enlightened domain (which is referred to as the Absolute). In between these two, there is so much bypassing and trespassing.

So mostly, it was letting go of the worldly domain and going to the Absolute and then coming back from the Absolute to the worldly domain.  During the coming back, you begin to cultivate many essential states.  In our work, we found that we really don’t need to make that jump from the worldly to the Absolute. The essential domain, the intermediary stage between the two, became open and accessible and the major landmarks in there became more accessible.

Not only that, we also found that there is an essential self in the middle of that, the individuated soul that can be in the world and in the essence and in the Absolute. It has the freedom to be in any of them. That to me is the pinnacle of this journey.

The Dalai Lama has said that enlightenment is a very individuated process. When Karmapa becomes enlightened, he becomes more Karmapa, he doesn’t become just Absolute. This is different than the idea of the drop of water dissolving back into the ocean. The boundaries dissolve, we realize that we are pure awareness but we also continue to exist as unique entities that can evolve as unique souls and can become more and more enlightened, and more and more skillful to connect the whole picture together.

We have realized that the obvious part of us is connected to the hidden part. They are all inter-related. It is not that the obvious part is illusion and the hidden part is real, they are all real, one reality, one holistic beautiful reality, all inter-related.  When we fragment it, we suffer. When we stick to the obvious and forget the hidden, we suffer. When we go mystical, spiritual and don’t participate in life, we suffer.

That for me is the glory of what the human being is. We are the ones that connect this totality together.

This is what I want to teach, to encourage. I don’t just want to teach this journey, the general map, but I want also to support every soul to find its own uniqueness in existence. Its own place, its own bliss, its own gifts that it came to share.

Excerpts taken from an interview with Faisal in Germany, July 2000.