Spirituality and Climate change. What do they have to do with each other?

By Rani Willems

What if spirituality and spiritual work is not what most of us thought it was?

What if it is actually all about becoming human, about arriving here and partaking in creation? What if our understanding of spirituality is radically changing, just like everything else?

Our whole world is shifting and changing so rapidly that we can hardly keep up with it.

The digital world soars in clouds over our daily life, the climate changes so fast that we witness it almost month by month. Our understanding of life and science is practically being modified by the day and so of course, also the spiritual paradigm is shifting.

It has to be so.

Alive spirituality is always in harmony with the time it appears in.

New paradigms in a changing world

About 13 years ago, Faisal Muqaddam brought such a new spiritual understanding to me; the Diamond Logos® Teachings. Knowing perfectly well that this is not the only path and that it is not for everyone, I nevertheless want to bring praises to this detailed and elaborate map of reality.

It brings precise knowledge about what this path is about, what we are about and of why we are here.

Until then I thought, together with most people I knew, that the journey was all about enlightenment and then get out of here as fast as possible, never to return again. Needless to say, that my focus was not very much on the world. It was all about the inner.

The inner meant oneness to me. The outer I considered samsara, dual and trivial; not worth looking at.

Meanwhile I clearly understand that we need both, the inner and the outer, if we want to bring about transformation.

Man is not an island and he/she needs to relate and interact with every aspect of the world around him.

The question is how he/she does that and even more so: What does man need in order to stand in this world as a fully conscious and whole human being? 

To take that stand, we need every single aspect of our soul to come alive again and blossom.

We need to find and know our home, the inner and the outer.

We need to find our essential self, our true identity as well as our essential body.

And of course, we need awareness, as it is the basic element we are made off.

The ethical code

In ourwork we have a strong focus on the ethical code of existence. What is meant with “the ethical code”? We all know some “rules” like:  e.g. thou shalt not kill or steal. Through these examples it is clear that these are cosmic laws. It is not that it is true for some and not for other. These are universal laws and they are encoded in the web of existence.

Now how to bring ourselves in alignment with these laws?

We begin the journey with “remembering” and opening the perhaps long forgotten doors to our essence. In the course of our childhood through environmental circumstances we lost connection to these very natural and inborn qualities of our soul.

Take e.g. the essence of strength; strength is natural and effortless in a small child, and this essence will flow easily and freely as a warm red fiery substance that we call red essence.  Children have heaps of this alive energy; they are still connected to their natural boundless source. It is not always easy for the caretakers to tolerate this wildness, so this juicy aliveness gets frustrated and buried.

After this, strength is no more free flowing essence but it is an effort and we need muscle power to produce it.

It speaks for itself that when we understand how and why we lost connection with it, that we can retrieve it again.

The same process is true for many different qualities like:

Unconditional love, peace, harmony, true joy, compassion, truth and love for truth to name a few. Once freed, we see that each essential quality of our soul is a virtue and an alive virtue IS an aspect of the ethical code of existence. Like this we cannot but be in alignment.

Thus alive and present in this world we become truly human again.

One of our learnings or practice here is to root solidly in this presence, moment to moment.

In retrieving the essences, we heal our emotional wounds and by and by lose our reactivity and we become the adult human being that we actually are.

Once these virtues are re-awakened we can live a very human spirituality in our day to day life.

Climate change

Let’s come to climate change. What does this have to do with the above?

The first steps on my spiritual journey taught me that the true revolution could only come from within, this is what my teacher taught me back then. So, I stopped all my political activities, regarding them as futile. Meanwhile I see, this is not the whole truth.

What if becoming truly whole and conscious implies that I take responsibility for my own actions and at the same time for the planet I live on? We are not an island, we are not living alone, it is clear that we need one another but also, we need the earth with all its manifestations and elements.

It is not always so easy for us humans to stay in alignment with being and not to fall for our desires. To hold us firm in being we need to be in touch with the potential of our soul.

We need understanding and differentiating awareness, the capacity to be objective and to be attentive to what is going on in and around us. This we call our diamond consciousness.

The red Indians tell us that we always need to plan for seven generations ahead of us. In other words, we not only take responsibility for ourselves but also for generations to come.

It is important to differentiate between what sustains and what destroys us. Without this, we are prey to our desires, wishes and wants.  Like “I want a coffee and I want it now and I want it on the go and since it is unpractical to carry a reusable cup with me at all times, I take the plastic cup “to go”, adding to the overload of plastic on this planet. Or “I want that cheap flight so I can go for three days to Spain and see the Alhambra, or I can fly to Milano to go shopping”. The temptations are so many and we have not yet spoken of the amount of clothes and shoes and paraphernalia for the house we belief we have to have.

Why is desire so hard to overcome? We have to understand that what our ego is desiring is a compensation/imitation for the loss of inner qualities. We can’t stop desiring until these are retrieved. If I miss my golden essence I will crave melting with another person, if I miss that quality that makes me aware of the richness of my being, I will try to compensate it with shopping and having things rather than being them.

The scientist Gus Speth recently said it so clearly:

“I used to think the top environmental problems were biodiversity loss, ecosystem collaps and climante change.

I thought that with 30 years of good science, we cold adrdress those problems.

But I was wrong.

The top environmental problems selfishness, greed and apathy…..

….. and to deal with those we need a spiritual and cultural transformation.

And we scientists don’t know how to do that.?

Luckily our soul has been equipped with the indestructible capacity to anchor in being, which we can discover on the Diamond Logos path.

In order to be a spiritual being or as I like to say a conscious human being, we need to live in alignment with the ethical code of existence and in alignment with our true nature. In this we need to be rooted and listen to our conscience.

From here we each do our part, each according to our conscience and capacity.

We can shop responsibly for both clothes and food. We can participate in respecting our planet, by not only cleaning our own but also that cup on the street that crosses our path, we are able now to use clean green energy even if it costs a bit more. We simply take care.

It is obvious that we cannot really be a spiritual being without the responsibility for what we create and what we do.

True contact and Conscious relating

Let us talk a bit about being human amongst humans.

We need to relate consciously not only to the environment but also with each other, in order to live the above standards. Conscious relating is yet another art that is hardly possible if we are not well equipped with certain elements or essences of our soul.

Relating asks for a few capacities: it asks for respecting each other, for a balance in giving and taking, for the capacity to sense and feel the other, for being and acting in an adult way so we can be on eye level and out of the co-dependency loop.

Being human amongst humans asks above all for true contact. But what is true contact? It is not something we “do” as we often think.  We cannot “make” real contact. When we are in touch with that very essential part of our soul, truthful contact is innate to all of us, yet often forgotten.

These are some of the elements that make us an empathic human.

Relating not only requires to attentively listen and hear the other but also to express ourselves truthfully.

And again, when we are in contact with our surrounding while being in contact with ourselves, how can we then separate spirituality from the material world? How can we say that climate change does not concern us because we are on a spiritual journey?

Creativity and Expression

As I said, in order to live a life in alignment with ourselves, the planet and others, we also need the capacity to express ourselves from a true place within.

So often this expression has been blocked already very early in life.

Now we retrieve it and find that we are very creative and unique beings, each of us can contribute his or her gifts to the world. We become “givers” instead of “takers”. This is what our souls longs for and what the world needs.

But who is this one that becomes a giver? Is it the ego self or is it something long forgotten: our soul?

True identity

Are we all the same formless empty source, impersonal, just a drop in the ocean that needs to return to the ocean? Or are we the entire ocean in a drop like the mystic Kabir once proclaimed? Or are we in fact the fish in the ocean, an indestructible eternal being of light?

Is the Dalai Lama identical to Osho or Ammachi? No. Of course not. We see in each of these great beings a very distinct individuality, a very distinct soul with a particular flavor or color if you like.

These great beings show us something which is a central part in the Diamond Logos Teachings.  Each soul has its own unique expression and light. If you sit e.g. with many different enlightened ones you can detect a very different and individual quality in each one. They each bring very particular gifts to the world.

If we don’t retrieve that light and let it settle in our hearts, it will be virtually impossible to let go of our old identity self-image because we cannot live without one.

Without recognizing this, our life lacks true meaning and we are missing out on the purpose of why we are here.

Realizing our uniqueness and individuality, we can truly contribute to our world in a meaningful way.

Healing the split

As we progress on our path we come to realize that the age-old split between the inner and the outer, between the spiritual and the worldly and the dark and the light begins to thin out.

We realize that enlightenment is not complete without “endarkenment”. We need both light and dark. They belong together like yin and yang.

To speak of all the aspects of our soul would fill books. My intend with his article is to give the reader a taste of what is possible.

Climate change is a reality, war is a reality, hatred and competition are. They are all born out of unconsciousness and greed.  But love and beauty and respect are also real. We can create anything we like.

But creating with meaning is only possible when we are in touch with the richness of our soul and the ground of being from where we are all coming and to which we are all returning. AND, we have to have our feet firmly on the ground here on this planet, grounded in both, the spiritual and the worldly domain.

To me this is the most beautiful and meaningful challenge.

Making a difference

Last but not least I want to stretch the importance of getting together in a group of peers, of likeminded souls, walking together in this journey of the spirit, reminding us not to go astray, not to get lost in all the temptations of life and to support each other when the going gets tough. There is a power in togetherness.

Together we can make a difference, for ourselves as well as for our environment. Out of our Diamond Logos groups people get together regularly, undertake projects and share and support each other.

Rani Willems

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